Slave Application

slave application

Become My Personal Slave

This Slave Application form is your first step towards the ultimate fantasy;
a dream of your complete surrender, the need to become
My Personal Slave.

Innocent Interest

First of all, your addiction to me has started as an innocent interest.

Maybe it was one or two sexy video clips of mine? Or maybe you got hooked on my sultry voice while listening to one of my erotic hypno tracks?

Or possibly you have even sent me a Tribute with a sweet little note attached “Thank you, Goddess. I want to be your personal slave”. And the second you did, you have felt that immediate, a highly addictive rush in your veins. This is the rush that you are not able to replicate or replace with anything else.

And you knew that very moment that you wanted to become my personal slave more than anything else in the world.

Bigger, Stronger, Dipper

Every day your obsession with me grew bigger, deeper, and stronger. As a result, after long nights of dreaming of me, watching my fetish videos on repeat, listening to my erotic hypno MP3s over and over again, you have developed the need for something more.

Now you have started craving the need of being useful to your Goddess.
You want to be taught by me and guided by me. Your brain needs my direction, and your heart is yearning for my approval.

Finally, you are ready to do anything to prove you are worthy to be at my feet. You want me to call you my good boy, and perhaps you can become the best one for me.

Finally Ready To Become My Personal Slave

Surprisingly and unexpectedly too you, but so obvious to me, you have found yourself here.

Frankly, it was only a matter of time when the seeds of desperate desire I had planted in your subconscious would start germinating into a beautiful plant of surrender.
Finally, you are ready to become my personal slave.

I Am Inevitable

And there are so many ways to make you mine!

Before we proceed with your Slave Application,
have a taste of how it feels to slave for me.

Hence, pick the best one you deserve.

True Worshiper

Want to Be Assigned to Something Special?

Adopt My Bills

Adopt one of my luxury bills and become your Goddess’s true worshiper.
Prove your loyalty, by committing to a consistent drain of your bank account in the name of my splendor.

Adopt Now

My ATM Club

Lustfully Dangerous and Addictive Game

Join My Money Slaves Guild

Are you ready to jump over the golden cliff straight to poverty for your Goddess?

Admit your weakness and go broke in the name of My Prosperity.

Join Now

Spoil Me

My Wish Is Your Command

Become Devoted Admirer

Hypnotized by every inch of my Gorgeous Self. Enslaved by my beauty.

Max out your credit card, spend all of your hard earned cash on my Lustrous Greediness solely.

Gift Now

Slave Application Form

And finally, your long-awaited journey begins here.
Become My Personal Slave by completing this form below.