I have something special for you today. I have created this Mesmeric track with one and only purpose: to make you MINE.

In order to become my Personal Slave, you have to be trained accordingly.

And I do enjoy very much turning weak little slut-puppies into obedient, less pathetic, good slave-boys. Good boys, who want to belong to ME, so as you do. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here.
This is a complete mesmeric session, which contains induction, deepeners, trance, triggers, and suggestions.

Today’s Audio is going to alter your behavior for good. After listening to this file, you will become more receptive to MY future commands. I will prep your subconscious for the changes I am about to impose on you.

I will set strong triggers deep down your subconscious. Your arousal will get stronger and stronger every time you will please ME in whatever way I will want you to.

Where the mind goes, the body follows.

I will take you to a new deeper level of submission. The submission you have never experienced before, but always dreamed about.

After this mental training, you will never be the same.

Be careful, what you wish for…

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