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Erotic Hypno Audio

Femdom Findom Hypno Mantras MP3

Get Mesmerized by Certified Hypno Therapist Charlotte Lust

I am happy to present you with a new elaborate tool of torture for my newest addicts and already forever devoted pets:

Erotic Hypno Audio
Femdom, Findom, and Fetish MP3.

My sultry voice and exquisite Russian accent together with Subliminal Messages, Covert Mesmerism, Indirect Suggestion, Whispering,
Anchoring, and several more strongly addictive techniques
will take your submissiveness to a new, even deeper level beyond retrieval.

Proceed with caution.

With someone as beautiful as Goddess Lust, it is hard to imagine just a recording could even complete with her videos. Trust me, it more than competes. Give Goddess Lust access to your subconscious mind, you will not reheat regret it although you will be altered by it. Her voice will melt you into clay for her to mold.


An extraordinary introduction to the world of Goddess Lust, her words will wrap their way around your mind and leave you wrapped around her little finger!


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Identity Extermination 1 MP3

Audio Only, Humiliation, Hypnosis | Mesmerize, Mind Fuck, My Personal Slave Training Online Course, NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), Psychological Domination|

I will break your little pathetic ass down into teeny tiny pieces. I will slit a throat of your useless pride without a second thought. I will mold you into something you were destined to become...

Russian Lustful Trap MP3

Audio Only, Brainwashing, Financial Domination, Hypnosis | Mesmerize, Mind Fuck, My Personal Slave Training Online Course, Psychological Domination|

“Welcome into my Russian lustfully delicious mind-trap. You gonna love it here…” Listen to this gentle mind fuck Audio on its own and preferably on repeat for better results. This audio contains subliminal messages...

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