Worship Your Goddess

Adopt My Bills

Haven’t you always wanted to worship a Goddess like me but did not know the best way to do it? Do not overthink it. Just aim to serve your Goddess in every possible way. And I am talking about financial ways, of course.

Do you want to be assigned to something special?
Do you want to be a very small part of my divine life, but still be present in it and be useful?

Well, here is your chance to serve and worship your Goddess.

Adopt one of my luxury bills and become your Goddess’s true worshiper.
Prove your loyalty, by committing to a consistent drain of your bank account in the name of my splendor.

Hence pick the bills you truly deserve and feel the irresistible taste of being enslaved by your Goddess.

Royal Manicure Bill

$150 Weekly Bill

First of all, this is a present for all of my Hand Fetish addicts out there. Here is your chance to take your admiration to another level, but before you do so, you have to know a few things about your Goddess’s divine hands.

In brief, my fingernails are always manicured up to the latest trends in the nail art. Be it soft milky colors, velvety nudes or classic sexy reds, which makes you twitch, I use only high-end gel polishes. And finally, my hands deserve only top-quality service from world-class technicians. Therefore, it is not a secret why you have fallen in love with my hands.

I know that my hand gestures are so elegant that you can watch them moving in a mystical dance for hours. Also, only thought of a slight touch of my fingers gives you goosebumps all over your body. Or maybe my palms firmly pressed over your mouth will become your new obsession…

Let yourself be enchanted by my hands through my artistic photography and hand fetish videos. Worship your Goddess and adopt my MANICURE Bill now!

150 ADOPT Mani Bill NOW

Sexy Pedicure Bill

$100 Weekly Bill

You have fallen in love with my perfectly pedicured petite feet from the first sight. You are mesmerized by my little toes and you are craving them in your mouth. When you are bowing down in front of your Goddess’s feet, you can see your tiny reflection in my bloody-red toenails, polished to perfection. They are like magical magnets… calling for you, making you feel weak, you are losing control, and you are a slave for my feet

Pedicure Service is just one of the basic essentials for my glamorous look. Of course, you, as a true foot fetishist and a real foot slave, appreciate the beauty of feet more than anyone else.

This bill is one of the tasks on the road to becoming My Foot Minion. Commit to my PEDICURE Bill to prove your complete devotion to your Goddess’s feet.

100 ADOPT Pedicure Bill NOW


$200 Weekly Bill

My gorgeous body and beautiful face… hypnotic green eyes and coquettish smile, of course, made you fell under my spell. You are obsessed with every sensual curve of my flawless figure and silky soft skin. You are powerless to resist your Goddess’s allure.

“Give in to Lust… give up to Lust…” surrender to your Goddess’ perfection and take your Goddess Worship fetish to another level. Adopt this SPA & MASSAGE THERAPY Bill and enjoy being drained in the name of Lust.

200 ADOPT Spa Bill NOW


$100 Weekly Bill

Glowing, radiant and silky skin is one of many things that has made you so weak and hypnotized by my gorgeous self. You may dream about licking my soft soles, sucking on every petite toe of mine, kissing my gentle hands and inhaling the most precious “perfume” in the world, which is your Goddess’s divine scent.

But at this moment the only way to satisfy your hunger is to enslave yourself in the name of your Goddess’s radiance. Adopt this GLOWING SKIN ELIXIR Bill and let yourself be used as you truly deserve.

100 ADOPT Glow Bill NOW


$250 Weekly Bill

Consistently 5 times a week for many years every single inch of my perfect body was religiously sculpted in the residence of iron. As a result, my plump and perky butt, athletically elegant arms and sexy thick thighs have created the most irresistible combination of a strong and unbelievably feminine physique.

The Goddess’ body is her sanctum and the only way to get closer to that sacred place is by worshiping her existence through a weekly Personal Training bill. Become a true servant of Goddess’s sexy silhouette and adopt RESIDENCE OF IRON Bill now!

250 ADOPT Glow Bill NOW


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