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Charlotte Lust

Imperious Russian Temptress. Elite Financial Dominatrix.
Hypno Domme. Foot Goddess. Seductress.

Welcome to my official website.
In My Hypnotic QueenDom, you, my soon to be slave, will address Me as Goddess Lust.

You have found yourself on this page for a reason. And I am not going to hide it, I love seeing you here.

I love it as much as a predator loves hunting his prey down.
And You Are My Prey Now.

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Identity Extermination 1 MP3

Audio Only, Humiliation, Hypnosis | Mesmerize, Mind Fuck, My Personal Slave Training Online Course, NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), Psychological Domination|

I will break your little pathetic ass down into teeny tiny pieces. I will slit a throat of your useless pride without a second thought. I will mold you into something you were destined to become...

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