Spoil Goddess Lust

Spoil Goddess Lust

My Deity is pretty spoiled already, but I do love being spoiled even more.

My Perfection is used to the most expensive and exquisite gifts.

The finest dining in the city I travel to, the world’s most iconic clothing brands I wear,
the best designer shoes adorning my petite feet, the timeless jewelry creations…

Of course, these are just a few aspects of my divinely opulent lifestyle.

Spoil Goddess Lust With Gifts

Want to be enslaved in the name of my never satisfied thirst for luxury? Get down on your knees and spoil Goddess Lust.

Nothing makes me happier than draining your wallet and enslaving you financially.
Not to mention, nothing makes you happier than feeling useful in the name of your One and Only Goddess Lust.

Beg for the most expensive endowments. Satisfy your cravings and beg for more.
You may even earn glowing praise from me in the form of a public acknowledgment of your gift on social media. Of course, only if it is worthy.

Experience Financial Domination at its best.

Now make yourself noticed and shower your Goddess with dollar bills in the form of my favorite Gift Cards.

All Gift Cards should be sent at charlottelust@protonmail.com. Read carefully my instructions before sending a card. By the way, you can do better than $25. Want to get yourself noticed? Impress me! Spoil your Goddess rotten. 

E-Gift Card

Holt Renfrew is my preferred place to go on a shopping spree and spend enormous amounts of money. I am wondering if you could only afford my expensive tastes, and requirements to be my personal local wallet, would you max out your credit card standing next to your Goddess at the mall? Wouldn’t you love that?

Since I am out of reach for you, my piggy, spoil your Goddess with the most luxurious fashion gifts from top designers in the world by sending this E-Gift Card. And please remember even a pair of my favorite Wolford nylons cost more than $50, so don’t be cheap.


Gift Card

Luxury Fashion Gifts

Remember, only a sexy pair of Wolford nylons cost more than $50!

Gift Holt Renfrew Card Now

E-Gift Card

Amazon.ca Gift Card is one of my favorites (it should be CANADIAN).
Nobody loves unexpected surprises. Therefore, if you want to send me a gift, make sure that this is something I actually WANT. Don’t overload your tiny brain with too much work. Just send MONEY in the form of GC, so I could purchase whatever I please.


Gift Card

Everything I Want

One of my favorite Cards for everyday needs.

Gift Amazon Card Now

E-Gift Card

Have you not earned the privilege of chauffering me around yet? Or do you live far away from your Goddess? Spoil Goddess with Uber Cards. I Uber everywhere. Click on the image or GIFT NOW to send me Canadian Uber Card.


Gift Card

I Uber Everywhere

You can do better than $25.

Gift Uber Card Now

E-Gift Card

Are you dying to see what sexy Victoria’s Secret outfits I’ve ordered with your Card? Anxious to see your Goddess wearing it for her next clip?
Or maybe I am going to use it for another photo-shoot?

Also, I could wear it for a hot date. And you, my cuckold, would be on the edge of explosion just of a thought of me seducing another man in that lustful lingerie I purchased with your money.

Gift me one and if you are lucky enough I might even Tweet a little preview.


Gift Card

Lace, Silk and Passion

It can never be enough of sexy lingerie.

Gift Victoria’s Card Now

E-Gift Card

Finally, what can be more exciting for a lady, who loves all that glam and shine? Tons of make-up products, of course, together with the most luxurious perfumes. I hope I should not explain to you, that it can never be too much of those things.

Shower your Goddess in lush of the unparalleled assortment of prestige products from Beauty, Skincare, and Fragrance lines.

Click on the image or GIFT NOW to send me Canadian Gift Card.


Gift Card

Beauty, Skin Care and Perfumes

All I need to look, feel and smell good at one place.

Gift Sephora Card Now


I’ve been asked a lot of Wish Lists, so here they are! Yes, you’ve heard it right, I don’t have just one Wish Lists, I have many of those. I am quite organized and like everything to be in order. My lists are pretty full and I keep adding new things I want on a daily basis.

I am VERY GREEDY. I want everything and lots of it. And you, of course, have to be happy to provide me with anything my Deity wants!

BUT! I still prefer GIFT CARDS to regular presents. Why? Due to less headache with shipping issues, which happen a lot and pretty often.

Have fun!
Go through my lists, find the present you’d like to send me, but I rather receive it in the form of a Gift Card with a note from you what item it is for.

Pay attention, my lists are sorted by priority, starting with The Highest Priority items list.

Highest Priority Items
Sports Supplements & Attire
Daily Health Supplements
SPA & Beauty
Clips Outfits
Gift Cards